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Minimalist Terrace House Pictures Photos

Photo image design minimalist patio, terrace House minimalist, will add to the impression of simple and elegant in minimalist home. There are many design choices to keep the patio materials without compromising the quality of the building.

Minimalist Terrace

Gambar Foto Teras Rumah Minimalis

The material can be minimized and stay abreast of trends. Most people choose this concept more due to lack of funds or just looking for a minimalist concept.

Terrace home is actually have a function similar to the living room, the difference is an outdoor terrace and a transition from the exterior to the interior of the House. The terrace is open half spaces that are usually located in front of the home of craving. Not all homes have spacious terraces, sometimes there is a House that only has a terrace with an area of 1 x 2 meters.

Minimalist concept is build geometric shapes with straight lines, looks stiff, and the meeting points are angled. Minimalist look with a shape like a box with a triangle roof perpendicular or oblique.

Terrace still has characteristics that are similar to the situation at home but most of the areas related to the outdoors. The Patio itself has a size of which varies depending on the size of your home and family with the space requirements that are often carried out on the terrace. And usually located in the basement, part of the same, or higher than the House.

For the use of supporting materials should be different from another room. Such as the floor, you can use the terrace floor is more bertesktur and not slippery so it won't be slippery if exposed to rain. And its shape can also be varied, from kemarik, wood, and natural rocks. Can even combine everything into a new design more interesting. And for the walls, you can make it more harshly than other spaces. In order for Your patio does not look too formal.

Because the terrace will look dead if there is no greenery around it. So there is no harm if you add plants around the garden terrace. For example you can put flower pots, hanging pots, and plant propagate even put a fish pond in Your patio area.

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