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Modern kindergarten and kids room furniture

To the Spanish furniture producer, recently launched the first collection of kids room named "play" basing on the two concepts. modernism and practicality. Typically, nursery and children's rooms furniture characterised by cuteness and Softness, which is very suitable for infants, but this unfortunately more than furniture does not work when they grow up. For example, as soon as your baby grows a baby cot are a useless piece of furniture that you can't find a location for it.

To resolve this problem for you by the smart solutions and practical guidelines listed in the "toy" collection to save space and money easily. The collection consists of functional furniture in a very attractive modern style and some cool colors that are able to bring a delightful stuff about the room. The collection is "contains child seats, children's beds, wardrobes, drawers units, offices, changing tables, and some Nice square shelves. What distinguishes a cot "Is" is the ability to transform into a very comfortable modern style Office not only for a child, but even for a teenager. This would be a smart solution for every mother can provide a room for the new born baby, so she can make absolutely no difference about changing this room furniture, when the baby grows.

Another smart idea from "Is" is the mini cot can also be converted very easily in a cute game for your child. There are also cool in an elegant display drawers with large spaces that are very useful for saving all your baby things and may be easily removed or change places thanks to practice designs. A room is "can be a very pleasant and happy position not only your children will love, but even to enjoy time with them in this Chamber informed and comfortable.


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