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Modern Teen room designs from Sangiorgio

When your child grows, you need to change your old room decor, teenager does not want beautiful drawings and animated themes, now needs a décor which reflects his personality. The teen need independence and room to work, play and meet friends. The teen room decor is a private sphere, where he isolated himself happy. The decorative scheme of the room must be designed very functional, and it is the teenager himself who customize decoration of the room, using the details or objects that match the tastes.

In the room of the teenager, the centrepiece is the bed. Because the back of a teenager suffers staggering growth peaks must be carefully selected and bed base layer. Once the bed is placed in the room, you can work around the rest. On the bed, add items to your teenager comfort to sit comfortably in bed, reading, listening to music or get friends: pillows, carpets ... When the bed is placed near a wall certainly helps to transform the couch-bed easily. A trundle bed lets your teenager to get a friend in the evening, without impinging on the space that the other day.

Need a workspace with Office and storage space for books. If the room is small, can be defined in a loft area. But it is important that your child can browse may close the door quietly to perform his duties. A chair comfortable office will help you to take correct sitting position. Brightness is necessary for a good moral. Windows which illuminate the work area with natural light, natural light does not prevent installation of lamps to encourage reading and makes his home in a warm atmosphere.

The color of the wallpaper can make a great influence on the brightness of the room: becoming obvious, the more space they are gay. The dream of many teenagers are: brown, dark gray, purple or blue. Select uniform, such as rooms of teenagers end up by posters, pictures, etc.

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